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Thinking About the Issues

Activity prepared by Loretta F. Kasper, Ph.D. © 2004


This weeks activity asks you to think about the issues that Studs Terkel is presenting through the interviews in his book, American Dreams, American Voices. You will begin by reading an interview that was conducted by a student studying Terkel's book. Then you will write about your views on some of the issues brought up in this interview.

  1. Begin by reading the interview at
  2. Take notes on the interview.
    • In your notes, list the various issues that the interviewee brings up.
  3. Choose one of the issues that you have listed and write several paragraphs in which you present your reactions to this issue. Do you agree with what the interviewee has to say on this issue? Explain why or why not.
  4. Now go to the Search Resources page of our web site to find additional resources on the issue you have chosen. Find at least 2 resources.
  5. Using the Internet resources and your reaction paragraphs, compose a well-organized essay in which you DESCRIBE AND RESPOND to the issue, discussing problems and possible solutions. Be sure to SUGGEST POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEM, and explain why you believe these solutions might work.

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