"The Boss: Wallace Rasmussen" from American Dreams: Lost and Found by Studs Terkel

Prepared by Dr. Loretta Kasper

In this week's assignment, you will explore the themes presented in Chapter Two, "The Boss: Wallace Rasmussen."

To complete your research, you should go to our SEARCH PAGE. You will need to think of appropriate keywords to search for information to answer the questions. We suggest that you use either the Vivisimo or the Google search engine to do your research.

Here are your research issues and questions:

  • Horatio Alger believed that it was possible for anyone to experience the "American Dream."

    Do an Internet search to find information on Horatio Alger.

    1. Who was he?
    2. Why was Alger mentioned in the text, "The Boss?"

  • Write a well-organized essay of several paragraphs in which you respond to Alger's belief that it is possible for anyone to experience the "American Dream." Do you agree with Alger? Why? If you do not agree, explain why not. Present a well organized and supported argument. Base your argument on your reading and research, your experience and/or your observations of others.

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