"Self-Made Man" from American Dreams: Lost and Found by Studs Terkel

Prepared by Dr. Loretta Kasper

In this week's assignment, you will continue the work you began last week.

You will do research on a basic philosophy that most "self-made people" follow. This philosophy comes from the following quote from Nietzsche:

"He who has a WHY to live for
can bear with almost any HOW."

  1. Write several sentences in which you explain what this quote means to you.

  2. Next do an Internet search for information that will help you discuss how this quote applies to the two self-made people you chose to research last week.

    • Begin with our SEARCH PAGE. You will need to think of appropriate keywords to search for information to answer the questions. We suggest that you use either the Vivisimo or the Google search engine to do your research.

  3. After you have gathered additional information on your two "self-made people," you should use this information to interpret the Nietzsche quote as it relates to each of these people. You should present your interpretation in the form of a well-organized essay of several paragraphs.

  4. Again you should brainstorm as a class or in groups to gather ideas for your interpretation.

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